Your Salaries Have Employees Looking Elsewhere [video]

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Salary Negotiation: The 7 “Don’ts” [video]

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Salary negotiations can be tough conversations.  The more you practice, the more confident you’ll feel.  Watch our video to explore the 7 salary negotiation “don’ts” to avoid, when negotiating a fair salary.

Video: Post-Interview Etiquette

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After the interview is just the beginning. Nearly half (48%) of recruiters said they usually conduct three interviews per candidate (Source: MRI Network). No matter what stage you are at, finish the game strong by following the (3) steps outlined in the video.  Watch and learn more! Continue reading

VIDEO: Slacktivism – Your Customers Care about Shared Purpose

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A shared purpose is communal across a business and transcends to customers and the public. In a new era of business transparency and slacktivism, more and more customers want to be intimately involved with the brands they interact with, piggy-backing on their purpose. But slacktivism isn’t consumer laziness, it’s a demand for businesses to do and be more. Explore our eBook to learn more. Continue reading

VIDEO: How to Quit Your Job

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Quitting is part of life. Whether new opportunities come knocking or external forces pull you out, you will have to quit and end your time at an employer. However, quitting is not the end of your relationship. You will need their support in your future endeavors, and how you quit will affect your career.

Watch and learn more about the right way to quit your job.

VIDEO: 10 Biggest Resume No-No’s

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Your resume is intended to serve as both a snapshot and an invitation. It’s a snapshot that shows how your past will indicate your future potential, and it’s an invitation to find out more.  Watch along as we explore the top 10 resume blunders and learn how to avoid them.  Happy job hunting!

VIDEO: Informational Interviews

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An informational interview is an educational conversation between two people. Typically, someone will pursue an informational interview with someone who has a career that they’d like, works at a company they’d like to work at, or in an industry they are interested in.

Watch and learn more about this quick and easy way to network and make connections for the life you want!