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4 Ways a Staffing Company Can Help During Times of Uncertainty

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It’s an understatement to say that at the beginning of the year, nobody could have predicted the vast impact of COVID-19. We understand that organizations in high-demand industries, as well as those struggling to adapt to work-from-home arrangements, may need additional help in the coming weeks.

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Hiring Outside the Box: considering skills over industry experience

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We get it: it can be a risk to hire candidates without experience in your industry—but experts agree that bringing in team members from different backgrounds has numerous benefits.

Organizations that are open to candidates from outside their industry will not just have more candidates to choose from. These candidates also bring outside perspectives, including new processes and ideas. When team members approach problems from different angles, it can lead to more innovation. Continue reading

Employee or 1099? Understanding IRS Guidelines [infographic]


Recently there has been a lot of noteworthy legislative activity surrounding the proper classification of workers. Companies that misclassify employees as independent contractors (or 1099 workers) are being held liable for unpaid taxes and hefty fines. Check out our quick overview of the IRS guidelines for independent contractor classification. Continue reading

A Quick Overview of Salary History Bans [Infographic]


“What did you earn in your last position?” It’s a simple question and a common one in many interviews, but did you know this one question is linked to pay inequalities? Some legislatures believe that basing salary offers on previous salaries may help perpetuate existing pay gaps. This is the reason why some states and cities have enacted laws that prohibit employers from asking job applicants what they made in previous roles. Check out our infographic guide for an overview of why these laws are necessary and how they work: Continue reading

The Road to Hiring in 2020 [infographic]


Today’s hiring market is not what it was ten years ago. It’s not even the same as two years ago. From tensions over a potential recession to the growing prevalence of social media, various elements are coming together to create a unique hiring market. Check out our infographic to learn more about how your company can navigate the road to hiring in 2020. Continue reading