10 Ways to Speed Up your Hiring Process

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Currently, the employment market is experiencing a particular phenomenon, where unemployment is declining, job growth is accelerating, and candidates are being swooped up faster than ever. This presents an unpleasant truth: you are losing your top potential talent due to a slowed system.

The typical hiring process is taking nearly twice as long to hire people as it did several years ago. Hiring professionals are now taking up to 8 days for phone screenings and as long as 7 days to complete group interviews, the entire procedure taking almost a month long.

At Roth, we’ve found that we lose most of our best candidates if the interview isn’t scheduled within 5 days of finding them. It’s not about having a quick hiring process; it’s about creating an efficient one.

How to change your selection process

A quick interviewing and selection process is no good if it leads you to the wrong employees.

Every step in your hiring process should focus on the candidate, and ensuring that they feel important. Demonstrating transparency and open dialogue will communicate that you value and respect their time, and appreciate their consideration. This will make your organization stand out from other companies that your candidates may be interviewing with.

Here are a few tips to make the process as fast as possible with the best results:


1. Loud and Clear: Before the interview process begins, start with a precise description of what the job requires and what you are looking for in the ideal candidate. Outline a specific skillset, but also think of intangible “remarkable” qualities.


2. Game Plan: Make a plan and a timeline to match. Try to shorten it while still making it realistic. When you do begin your interviews, outline the process for your candidates (this will add a little pressure to complete deliverables on time).


3. Bring in the A Team: Invite your top performers to interview your favorite candidates.  They can sniff out weaknesses and they’ll be able to understand where the candidates might stand in the team environment.


4. Back to Back to Back: If you have multiple interviews, try and condense them to a single day. You’ll be in the mindset, and it will be easier to compare candidates.


5. Technically Speaking: Try to go easy on the technical testing, only utilizing it if it is absolutely necessary. If you really have to, keep it to 15 minutes and make it a real-life scenario.


6. Be Ruthless: You have pretty great intuition. If the candidate isn’t right, move on. Don’t settle for less than excellent.


7. The Culture Glass Slipper: You can teach skills, but it’s a lot more difficult to force a culture fit. Make culture fit is the top priority when hiring.


8. Keep in Touch: Consistently keep in contact with your candidates, even if it’s just an email to let them know a meeting got postponed. Keeping them involved in the process will keep your favorite candidates close and cut down on how often they reach out to you.


9. Competitive Advantage: Remember, this is a candidate’s market. Be ready to make a competitive offer, and for their current company to make a counteroffer. Websites like Glassdoor can offer insight on what your competitors are offering for specific positions. For more insight on salaries by region, consult Roth’s Annual Salary Guide.


10. Deadline Inspiration: If you meet the ideal candidate, offer them the job before they leave.

Although harsh, give the candidate 24 hours to accept your offer. This limits the time they have to negotiate other offers and will allow you to move on quickly if they decide to go in a different direction.


Overall, this process should be an exciting one, overflowing with opportunities to make your organization better. Allow yourself to feel the excitement, and feed off the energy of your candidates, that will propel you forward and create an eagerness to reach the finish line.

You know your company, you know what you’re looking for, and you have the ability to create the team of your dreams.