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At this point, we’re sure you’ve heard the term “engagement” one too many times. It’s in the same category of buzzwords as millennials, culture, and big data. But for Ultimate Staffing Services, employee engagement is everything. Employee engagement is worth the commitment.

The key to workplace engagement? … pop the question! Plainly ask, “What can we do to make you happy?” The hard part comes next: accepting all of the input without being defensive, taking every piece of feedback, and sorting through to find out how we can respond with action that will truly impact our employee’s lives at work.

Ultimate Staffing’s internal surveys provide the insight we need to make sound business decisions that will keep our internal coworkers passionate about their job and their company … if we can get that right, we find that everything else falls in to place. Happy employees lead to happy Ambassadors (the temporary employees who represent us on assignment), and engaged customers.

You may have been one of the thousands of customers we asked to participate in our Engagement Survey process. We ask the tough questions so we can reveal the biggest opportunities. From there, we take the feedback to heart and we constantly implement real change. According to TNS Employee Insights, among engaged employees, 70% agree that their organization takes action based on survey results.

Ultimate Staffing conducts its Engagement Survey process twice a year. After the surveys are conducted, each branch has an in-depth meeting with our corporate Customer Experience Manager, who independently manages our survey process. Together, they analyze their results, and make a game plan to improve overall experiences, for customers and Ambassadors. This is a snapshot of our findings.


When it comes to engagement, Ultimate begins internally. Engaged employees are the foundation of a healthy business. We’ve found that the number one driver of engagement at Ultimate is being part of a work culture that brings out the best in each individual.

At Ultimate, initiatives like paid community service hours, gym reimbursements, book clubs, defined career paths, team competitions, and structured recognition programs empower our coworkers to actively build professional lives that complement their personal lives.

According to the Gallup Organization, only 32% of U.S. employees are actively engaged. Other sources report engagement levels as low as 29%, and disengaged workers as high as 26%.

Low engagement comes at a cost. Employees with low engagement levels are linked to higher absenteeism, lower profitability, more workplace accidents, and higher turnover. Increased retention from engaged employees allows us to build a stronger, more consistent relationship with our customers, one that will last over time.

Engaged workers also consistently outperform non-engaged employees. They provide better service to customers and are better teammates, giving you better service.

Plus, isn’t it just more fun to work with people who love their jobs?

And we think it pays off. Ultimate also looks to outside research for more well-rounded insights. Inavero administers the largest global staffing satisfaction survey for customers and talent. Their Best of Staffing® program is based on a Net Promoter Score® (NPS) – the ratio of staffing company customers who claim they would promote the staffing company to others vs. customers who are less likely to recommend the staffing company they’ve used. The NPS is the number of customers who score a 9 or 10 (out of 10) on the scale of how likely they are to recommend over the number of customers who score a 6 or less.

This year’s Inavero survey revealed an industry average NPS of -3% (yes, negative). That means the average staffing company has disengaged customers – they are not likely to recommend their staffing partner. Ultimate Staffing, together with our sister business lines, scored as high as 80% net promoters.

By conducting coworker surveys and truly understanding what drives our coworkers to perform at their best, we have created a workplace that empowers them to make life better for our customers and our Ambassadors.


When our Coworkers are engaged, then they better serve our Ambassadors. Ambassadors are in a unique position as an “employee” of two organizations, meeting Ultimate’s corporate standards and culture, and that of their assigned workplace as well. The key driver in Ambassador engagement is feeling that Ultimate cares about them, their career goals, and their needs, and that representatives are honest and trustworthy.

Inavero’s study also examined temporary employee satisfaction. Ultimate and its sister business lines scored almost three times higher than the industry average net promoter score.

Both Ultimate and our customers are equally responsible for our Ambassadors’ engagement. For our customers, temporary employee engagement can be tricky. But the solution can be really simple. While having an employee for a limited amount of time may make it seem difficult to engage with them, they mostly just want to be treated like regular employees. According to Staffing Industry Analysts, temporary employees report not feeling like a real employee, even though they do real work, and often feel as though they are entering an unwelcoming workspace.

This is where we emphasize our Ambassador Program®. Our unique program allows Ambassadors to feel empowered and engaged in your workplace, and understand exactly what you and your team needs from them. In fact, when our Ambassadors utilize the program on assignment, overall customer and Ambassador satisfaction increases dramatically.

We supplement the Ambassador Program with other initiatives to remind Ambassadors that they are an integral part of our organization. This includes monthly newsletters, recognition programs, and benefits packages.

When Ambassadors feel cared for, they deliver better service to our customers.


While we emphasize Ambassador and coworker engagement, keeping our customers engaged is also a top priority. Our surveys revealed that the primary driver in customer engagement is that they genuinely enjoy working with Ultimate, and requests are handled in a timeframe that meets their needs.

Ultimate is dedicated to resolving issues as soon as possible; it’s our formalized commitment to Problem Resolution Time (PRT).  We’ve learned from our clients that when we respond to issues within 24 hours we directly and significantly impact customer satisfaction. Problems resolved on the very same phone call (or in immediate response to an email or text) produce the highest levels of satisfaction, allowing us to continue to build an even stronger relationship with you.

A closer, more engaged relationship allows us to better understand your business goals, internal culture, and what we can do to create a Remarkable Experience. Our specialized Process Adapt™ tool gives us insight into your organization, and how we can fit into it.

When we build a relationship beyond the transaction, together we can better understand Ambassadors, and help them reach their full potential. Even small acts on your part can boost their engagement, including small recognition, teaching them something new, or keeping them updated on your expectations.

Engagement relies on human connection. When our coworkers, Ambassadors and customers work in tandem, we can lead to a stronger, more transparent, and effective relationship.

For a more in depth look at our results, ask your representative for our Engagement Survey Guide.