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Poor Mondays, they get a bad rap.

They welcome us into a new week and in return, we curse them as the worst day of the week.

Here’s how to give Monday the love it deserves so it can love you right back.

  • Start on Sunday
    Go to bed nice and early, no reason to start your week groggy.
  • Rise & Shine
    Get up nice and early, that way you have plenty of time to enjoy the morning. Don’t lollygag on your phone, jump up refreshed and distraction free.
  • Fancy a Stroll?
    Take a quick walk around the block, getting a whiff of fresh air before your day begins.
  • Rock the Look
    Wear your favorite work outfit for an extra dose of confidence.
  • Brain Food
    Skip the cereal for today, make eggs or waffles, a smoothie or some greens. Partner it with the morning paper or a good book.
  • Coffee Run
    Treat yourself to a coffee or tea from your favorite place
  • Hold off
    Wait 30-40 minutes to check your email, start immediately on an impending project, and then check your inbox.
  • Crossover
    Once you’ve gotten some work under your belt and checked your email, make a to-do list and start crossing things off.
  • Lunch Date
    Step away from your desk and have some lunch with your coworkers or friends from outside the office. Seriously, leave your desk.
  • Creative Fusion
    Set aside 15 minutes in your afternoon to research something that has caught your interest — maybe it’s a general topic or a new idea for a project. Watch a TED Talk or read a blog, brainstorm, or collaborate with a coworker. Then share your ideas with your team.
  • Departure Time
    Leave work on time today. Sometimes deadlines demand that you stay a little past your regular time, but for today, leave on time so you can go home and reflect on your great Monday.
  • Home Sweet Home
    When you get home, be totally present. No phone calls, no emails. Enjoy your dinner, and enjoy the home you work hard for. Then prepare yourself for a rockin’ Tuesday.

Start your week off right, Tuesday – Friday will thank you for it.