The One-Minute Resume

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Congratulations, you’ve just landed a dream interview for a role you’d be perfect for—now what? 

Well, according to the team at GovLoop, it’s time to practice your “One-Minute Resume.”  Many times, the first question an interviewer may ask you is “tell me about yourself”—leaving you approximately 60 seconds to dazzle them with a Cliff Notes version of your life.  Challenging?  Sure.  Intimidating?  Possibly—but only if you haven’t practiced.  Since nobody knows you better than you, consider this a home run; an opportunity to set the stage for the balance of the interview.  GovLoop recommends that you should develop and practice this interview component, but cautions against any discussions that could be construed as ‘braggadocious.’  Humility is key, as is a positive attitude, professional presentation and a polished thank you note, following your interview.

The following infographic details the top 4 tips for interview success.  Are you in agreement?  What has worked best for you?  Share and weigh-in!

Source: GovLoop