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Managed Services Program (MSP)
  Ultimate Staffing's MSP program is unique in that we take a "modular" approach. You can choose to have us manage any part or all of your staffing solution.

There are several modules that come together to create a staffing solution. We have the expertise and experience of managing all of the modules. Think of Ultimate Staffing as the energy source with a power strip created for your company. You can "plug in" to one of the sources or "plug in" to all them. You have the option to "unplug" from one module without having to replace your entire staffing model.
It's our philosophy that every customer is unique and staffing solutions are not "one size fits all." It is essential to create a customized solution for each of our customers and this is why we are considered a creative industry leader with a reputation for remarkable service. This world class program allows our customers to partner with an experienced staffing expert for all, some or one component(s) of their staffing solution, including On-Premise, Vendor Management Systems (VMS), 1099 Compliance, Payroll, Technology and National or International Coverage.

As your overall staffing solution manager, we can create a platform for you to oversee your workforcce program from a corporate perspective, with performance metrics and tracking in place, and still enable you to use local vendors as part of the solution. The result is a streamlined staffing solution that provides you with:
  • Consistency
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Compliance, and
  • Global view of all vendors involved
For more information, please contact our centralized Strategic Alliance Team (480)736-2838.

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