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Ultimate Staffing’s 2022 Salary Guide & Management Resource has arrived!

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Remote work? Employee wellness? Diversity programs? Pay raises? The workforce has changed dramatically in the past two years. Continue reading

How will “The Great Resignation” impact your business? Strategies to retain and attract employees

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Nearly 25% of workers are reportedly considering quitting their jobs post-pandemic. According to CNBC, “Of the 26% of workers planning to leave their employers after the pandemic, 80% are doing so because they’re concerned about their career advancement; meanwhile, 72% say the pandemic caused them to rethink their skill sets.” Continue reading

Tips for Managing Hybrid Teams Effectively

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Welcome to the era of hybrid teams – where employees are given the option to work remotely as well as come into the office a few times a week or month. Some employees have enjoyed the flexibility of remote work and being able to tend to their children and other appointments during the week; while others are eager to get back the focus of working in an office next to their teammates. Continue reading