Jobs to Consider in the Wake of COVID-19

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The coronavirus pandemic has rocked the world economy in ways nobody foresaw. Entire industries, such as restaurants, theaters, and airlines, are seeing significant losses.

Meanwhile, other organizations are struggling to keep up with demand. From delivery drivers to health care support roles, some companies are looking to hire right away. Below are just five sectors where job seekers may find new opportunities.

  1. Retail

Non-essential retail might be closed, but open stores are handling a surge of customers trying to stock up on necessities. From grocery stores to pharmacies, many of these businesses are hiring motivated individuals to work in their stores.

  1. Distribution & Delivery Companies

As more customers turn to shopping from the safety of their homes, delivery organizations are needing to quickly hire both warehouse workers and drivers.

  1. Telecommunications Companies

Businesses and schools are all relying on technology companies that facilitate remote meetings and online learning. These organizations are hiring professionals to fill a variety of roles.

  1. Help Desk & Tech Support

With a sudden surge in remote working, many organizations are also hiring help desk and technology support specialists to help their employees ease the transition and get them up-and-running efficiently.

  1. Health Care & Health Technology

From nurses to researchers to all kinds of administrative roles, many health care and health technology companies are hiring help in the fight against COVID-19.

While it can be stressful to tackle a job search during times of uncertainty, it’s important to be aware of all your options. For more information on what the job market looks like right now in your community, reach out to one of our recruiters.