• Temporary Services

    We recruit, screen, and hire talented people for your temporary positions. We call our temporary employees, Ambassadors. We devote extra time into positioning them for success and preparing them to represent our Purpose and Promise while on assignment.

    Our business customers find that they can devote more time to achieving their business goals by allowing us to do all the work it takes to find, onboard, and manage a talented contingent workforce for them.

    When you think about it, hiring is what we do every single day and we're great at it. We're also the best staffing firm in the industry at truly applying the core Values of our company to every decision and action we take. That's why we're considered a creative industry leader and why companies trust us to manage something as important as finding the right people to work in their office and help achieve their business goals.

    Managing temporary employees is bound to involve unforeseen problems and challenges along the way. Although we use proprietary processes to ensure quality placements and minimize issues, where we really shine is when a problem does arise. You’ll find that we typically resolve any problem on the initial phone call.

  • Temporary-to-Hire

    Review a candidate's performance and suitability to your company's culture and work environment before you hire them.

    How can you be sure a candidate is the right fit for a full-time position? Ultimate Staffing's "temp-to-hire" service lets you see for yourself before having to make that important hiring decision.

    Here's how it works:

    We assume the full burden of expertly recruiting, evaluating, screening, and interviewing a great candidate for you. After our Ambassador works a set number of hours on a temporary assignment, you then have the option to convert our Ambassador into one of your own full-time employees at absolutely no fee whatsoever. (If you decide to hire them full-time prior to their conversion, we will pro-rate the fee based on the number of hours they have already worked on assignment).


    Successful recruitment is not random. It's about people, values, and processes.

    Understanding your internal hiring needs. Can a recruiter who doesn't know you, have the best candidate for you? Probably not. Our proprietary Process Adapt™ program gives us a roadmap to successful placements through understanding your unique perceptions of quality. It is about your perceptions, not ours.

    Your time is valuable. Recruitment today should combine touch and technology. While sitting at your computer, take the first look at the candidates we have selected for you through VideoSelect, our video interviewing technology. Take a few minutes to watch candidate videos and save hours of preliminary interview time.

    Experts at recruiting passive job seekers. There are candidates who are not found through the Internet. Networking through associations, referrals, and proactive recruiting allows us to build relationships and find the passive job search candidates that you may really want to hire.

    We even go above and beyond! We offering various replacement guarantee options and also extend the replacement time period way beyond what is traditionally offered. We want you to always have security and confidence in your candidate selection and in your relationship with us.

    Contact us today to find out what our Ultimate Search Group® can do for you.

  • Positions

    We are the expert in finding and placing office professionals. Some of the most esteemed recruiters and leaders from the staffing industry lead our company in providing professionals on a temporary and full-time basis. We work with a variety of industries placing professionals in a multitude of job classifications.

    We provide professionals in the following areas:

    • Receptionists
    • Administrative Assistants
    • Executive Assistants
    • General Clerks
    • Data Entry
    • Customer Service
    • Project Management
    • Health Care
    • Call Center
    • Technical
    • Manufacturing
    • Production
    • Human Resources
    • General Office
    • Sales Professionals
    • Management
  • Strategic Accounts

    Dedicated workforce solutions for your large-scale contingent workforce needs.

    Your company relies on a large contingent worker population to achieve your business goals. We’re experts at recruiting and managing large contingent worker populations, so you don’t have to. Since our founding in 1994, Ultimate Staffing has specialized in developing fully-customized workforce solutions specifically for companies nationwide that align with each client’s unique company culture and business processes.

    Master Vendor

    Vendor On-Premise (VOP)

    Virtual On-Premise

    We manage fulfillment of all your contingent workforce requests, including managing secondary staffing providers We provide dedicated on-site coordination of your contingent program at your work site When an on-site location is not feasible, we assign a full-time service team from a nearby branch to manage your program

    We also partner with About Talent, our sister business line, to deliver comprehensive workforce solutions, including:

    To learn more about our strategic workforce solutions, please contact enterprise@ultimatestaffing.com


    Let Ultimate Connect save hours of management time, improve placement accuracy, and increase retention at your call center or contact center.

    Customer Service Representatives are often responsible for creating the first experience a customer has with your company. Your ability to hire quality representatives has the greatest single impact on your customers’ impressions of your organization. So, let the experts support your efforts.

    Ultimate Connect is a proven employee selection and engagement system by Ultimate Staffing Services. We identify top talent to serve as proud brand representatives and transform your call center or contact center into a top workplace.


    • Improve Customer Experience: We ensure representatives provide your customers with a lasting positive impression.
    • Reduce Turnover: We improve your placement accuracy, helping you avoid the costs associated with the loss in productivity, increased training expenses, replacement costs, etc.
    • Save Time and Money: Stay focused on your core competencies, while we attract, screen, select, and retain high quality representatives.
    • Enhance Quality: We use several assessment tools specifically designed for the call center and contact center industry to ensure only top talent is assigned to your workplace.
    • Achieve Performance Goals: From internal measurements to customer satisfaction ratings, we customize a solution to accomplish your performance goals.
    • Create Efficiencies: Allow Ultimate Connect to shift your team's focus from the reactionary recruiting and hiring cycle to proactive retention and call center improvement strategies.