Here are a few examples of how Ultimate Staffing Services can bring positive changes to your own organization, and transform your perception of what a staffing partnership is all about.

Entertainment Services Company

Client Situation

The staffing services provider for an entertainment services company ended their contract abruptly, leaving the company without anyone in charge of their national contingent workforce program. Seeking a provider with experience managing large programs, the company hired Ultimate Staffing Services to rescue their struggling program.

How Ultimate Staffing Made Life Better

As Ultimate Staffing gathered information about the program, we quickly realized that standardization would be problematic. The company partnered with hundreds of staffing providers which led to slow hiring processes, timekeeping and billing inconsistencies, and limited company-wide reporting options. Because both our client and Ultimate Staffing shared an entrepreneurial spirit and valued delivering award-winning customer service, Ultimate Staffing knew the company would be receptive to program improvements.

With a renewed sense of enthusiasm, Ultimate Staffing implemented an Ultimate On-Premise solution which included a dedicated team that was housed at the company's headquarters, nationwide recruitment, and optimization and management of a preferred secondary staffing supplier network. Under our leadership, our client immediately saw the following program improvements:

  • Recruitment: Ultimate Staffing mirrored the company's application process, including switching to their background check and drug testing vendor, to ensure all hiring requirements were met; this also eased the temporary-to-hire process.
  • Timekeeping: We implemented Expedite® | Timecard, our proprietary timekeeping system, which allows for convenient online time entry and submittal by Ambassadors (the temporary workers who represent Ultimate Staffing at your workplace), and subsequent review and approval by hiring managers.
  • Billing: Ultimate Staffing established an electronic data interchange (EDI) to eliminate manual processing and potential input errors, and a customized weekly audit report reducing payment processing times from one week to one day.
  • Reporting: We created customized reporting for each Vice President that provided personalized, in-depth program data related to their unique department.
Outcomes of Our Customized Approach

Ultimate Staffing has proudly served the needs of our client for more than a decade. Through our dedicated On-Premise Team, we have standardized the entire talent acquisition process, including secondary staffing supplier participation. Through our completely customized and aligned program, we are proud to have doubled our temporary-to-permanent conversion rate since the start of our partnership—further demonstrating our proficiency in finding quality talent for our client.

Non-Profit Member Service Organization

Client Situation

A non-profit member service organization operates a large call center that was experiencing high turnover among its contingent customer service representatives. With our years of experience improving call center operations for clients nationally, Ultimate Staffing Services was confident in our ability to develop a thriving call center staffing program that would meet the organization's objectives.

How Ultimate Staffing Made Life Better

Ultimate Staffing kicked off our partnership by studying our client's staffing program to fully understand the root causes of their turnover. We learned that the company's job descriptions were not fully representative of the position, the screening process did not accurately evaluate applicants, the training program was insufficient and the general working conditions were poor. Based on our findings, we enlisted our team of workforce experts to implement a customized Vendor On-Premise program that would address each of our client's needs.

To address the recruitment, screening and hiring process issues, Ultimate Staffing began with conducting our needs analysis methodology, Process Adapt™. This analysis provided us with a comprehensive understanding of each hiring manager's unique hiring criteria and allowed our team to develop job description standards that accurately defined the position. The updated job descriptions became the foundation for a series of program improvements including a targeted sourcing methodology to locate top talent, behavioral- and situational-based interview practices, customized skills and Predictive Index assessments, and fully-customized job preparation and orientation processes.

To overcome working condition challenges, Ultimate Staffing collaborated with our client's senior management to develop a benefits and recognition program that acknowledged the important role of our Ambassadors (the temporary workers who represent Ultimate Staffing at your workplace). Our client trusted Ultimate Staffing with accommodating reasonable requests from the Ambassadors to make their work experience comfortable such as developing an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), accommodating desk chair/keyboard needs, coordinating transportation to work, and offering flexible work schedules.

In addition to these turnover-specific program improvements, Ultimate Staffing also implemented the use of various technology platforms to automate and streamline the management of our Vendor On-Premise program including Expedite® I Timecard and our client's internal call center performance tracking management system.

Outcomes of Our Customized Approach

Ultimate Staffing has proudly served the needs of our client for four years. During the first year of our program, we achieved a 53.1% reduction in turnover. Our targeted approach resulted in improved Ambassador performance and made the customer service representative position a desirable long-term career choice. With proven success enhancing call center operations, Ultimate Staffing now also serves as a preferred national staffing provider to several distinct operating units throughout the U.S. delivering quality contingent and direct hire professionals in a variety of roles.